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Celebrating America’s Multicultural Heritage

Experience the Multicultural Mosaic that is uniquely...


Over the last fifteen years, the composition of the U. S. population has shifted dramatically. It has changed from its former ratio of 80% European descent and 20% mix of African, Asian, Hispanic and others to the current level of 50% European descent and 50% others. The implications of this change are far-reaching and will profoundly affect every facet of our society in the future.

Take a field trip to the rainforest without leaving a classroom

The richness of this diversity can truly be a tremendous national resource. In order to achieve this potential it is critically important that our students are able to understand and respect each other.

This program has been specifically created to foster understanding and respect by exposing students to the major cultures that form the American mosaic. Emphasizing unity and defining the common ground shared by all, the program is both enlightening and entertaining.

By participating in this presentation, the student will:

  • Gain an understanding of the origins and role of culture
  • Experience different cultural expressions of art and music
  • See how different cultures approach rites of passage, games and sports
  • Understand the concept of America as the land of immi grants, the great melting pot
  • Explore how the different cultures help shape everyday American life from the foods we eat to the language we speak
  • Learn the different major contributions made by men and women of the various cultures

The material is presented in an engaging and stimulating manner. It features fascinating audio visuals and lively audience participation including songs, movement, and tribal games. The program is geared to the level of the specific age group of the audience.


“Our student body consists of students from grades PK-8. Mr. Segal’s program was appropriate at all levels...his presentation was dynamic...the students found it enjoyable and interesting...he held everyone’s attention throughout.”

- Mary Dunwoodie, Principal, St. Monica’s School, Devon, Pennsylvania

“His program was fast-paced and extremely creative., his use of props, costumes, and musical instruments was entirely unique...it kept my students’ attention from beginning to end...my teachers liked it...I would recommend this presentation to any elementary school.”

- Marie Louis, Principal, Oak Valley Elementary School; Wenonah, New Jersey

I introduce the show by changing from my street clothes into the peasant garb worn by my grandparents in the Ukraine. I emphasize the point that all of our families, at some point in time migrated to North America.

Using large screen video images, I take the student on a tour of our World’s cultures focusing on the five main groups here in the United States: African, Asian, European, Latino and Native. I depict how each culture came; contributions made by each group and describe intolerance: what happens when cultures cannot get along.

Using student volunteers, I demonstrate a variety of native percussion instruments from each of the major U.S. Cultures. The students are put into costumes and taught to play along with an African rhythm.

For Grades K-3, we take the students on a storytelling “trip around the world” through the use of volunteers, costumes, puppets, music and magic. A young boy, in order to have his dog returned, must solve this riddle: He must find five children who are completely different but exactly the same. There is extensive audience participation throughout.

CLASSROOM MATERIALS: An overview of the program will be provided for the teachers prior to the assembly including classroom activities.

Take a field trip to the rainforest without leaving a classroom
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