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Multicultural Holiday Show

Holiday Special! Multicultural Show with a Holiday FocusTolerance and esteem for all cultures is the focus of our Cultural Diversity Program. One defining aspect of our different Cultures is how we celebrate our Holidays.

EACH DECEMBER, In addition to our focusing on America's diversity, we celebrate our various cultural Holiday Observances as well. We will be highlighting the following holidays:

Christmas: The Christian Celebration of the birth of Jesus

Hanukah: The Jewish Festival of Freedom and Deliverance

Kwanzaa: The African-American Celebration of Unity and Self-Determination

Rahmadan: The Islamic Observance of Devotion to God

Happy New Year: The New Years Celebrations in Vietnam, Korea Japan, & China

We use Costumes, musical instruments, storytelling, and a large screen video to familiarize the students with the wonderful significance of these holidays; This program is suitable for grades K-8.


Putting on clothing worn by my Ukrainian grandparents, I describe how they celebrated their Jewish holiday Hanukah even though this Holiday was forbidden by law.

By putting three student volunteers in native costumes, I demonstrate how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden, Germany, and Mexico.

Based on the 0. Henry story "Gift of the Magi," I tell a story of sacrifice and friendship made by two Irish schoolgirls during the Christmas Holiday season. The holiday of Kwanzaa is presented through a demonstration of the artifacts and principles on which this holiday is based, in addition to a student-volunteer demonstration of African musical instruments.

A 5 minute large screen video is screened, including information on Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, as well as Rahmadan and the Asian New Year celebrations. For grades K-3, I use audience volunteers to tell a story about a young boy who must "learn the meaning" of these December Holidays or risk losing all his Holiday gifts We use puppets, costumes, & music.


Scott McDonald, Principal, Pine Acres Elementry (K-5), Wenonah, NJ 856-464-1260

Theresa Benjamin, Teacher, JT Lambert Middle (6-8) Strousberg, PA 570-424-8430

Julie Andreolo, Principal, Oakview Elementry (K-5), Bloomfield, NJ 973-680-8590

Last December, we presented this program at 31 schools. See more references or contact us.

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